Why More Women Should Own Guns

600x300-bigstock-Young-Woman-Aiming-At-A-Target-45648583At the time of this writing, only 15% of American women, or 17 million total women, owned some sort of firearm.

More than 10% of those women who own a weapon had to use it in order to stop a sexual assault from happening to them in the course of the past year alone. There is a large focus today on violence against people of other races or sexual orientation, but women still face the prospect of violent crime on an almost daily basis.

Today’s handguns are easy to carry and conceal, making them the perfect choice for the average woman. Many handguns are priced right in the $500 range too, making them an affordable choice for personal protection.

Gun ownership traditionally sees a 3 to 2 ratio in ownership versus crime reduction, or for every two women that choose to own a weapon for the first time, three women will be safer because of it.

That’s why it is critically important for women to arm themselves. Not only does it protect them directly, but the growth of weapons ownership helps protect other women who may not have the ability to purchase a firearm to protect themselves right now.

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  1. I support owning a gun 100%. I’ve been very lucky that I never had to use mine, but the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.

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