Washington State’s Gun Supporters To Deliver 340k Signatures

600x300-bigstock-Seattle-5592940    SEATTLE, WA – In the battle of opposing ballot measures for 2014, I-591 supporters have announced that they have achieved the collection of 340,000 signatures to place common sense measures regarding gun ownership before voters in the next election.

I-591 doesn’t eliminate background checks, but insures that any background check on a firearm sale is held to a specific standard for each individual. More importantly for many gun rights supporters, it prohibits government confiscation of any privately owned gun without due process being involved.

Alan Gottlieb, who is in the leadership of several gun rights organizations, says that reaching the signature threshold is simply the first victory. “We believe voters are smart, and deserve a choice,” Gottlieb added. “That’s why there is widespread support for our initiative across the state.”

The choice the voters will have is the ability to vote for this initiative or for I-594, which would expand background checks to a universal level, including private transfers within families in some circumstances. Any firearm transfer would require a paid background check from an authorized dealer.

I-594 would also prohibit someone who is considered “dangerously” mentally ill from possessing or owning a firearm, along with 15 other pages of regulations and enforcement. If approved, the mandate that I-594 would create in Washington State would also be unfunded.


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