WARNING – The Tax Hike That Was Secretly Introduced

600x300-bigstock-Tax-Increase-graph-illustratio-26190020Did you know that two Democratic congressmen recently introduced H.R. Bill 3018?

Doesn’t sound too threatening until you read the title of the bill: The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013.

What does this bill do?

It imposes a new 20% tax on weapons, a 50% tax on ammunition, and ties in the tax rates with the inflation rates so that as prices rise on these items, the tax amount rises too. There would also be increases in gun registration fees, dealer fees, importing fees, and transfer fees.

So does this money go to fill in the gaps for social services funding? Help to reinstate some of the Department of Defense budget cuts? No. The revenues would be divided between anti-gun ownership research and grants for police departments to better arm themselves.

The bill sponsor is quoted as saying that violent crime is going up, but according the government’s own statistics, violent crime with weapons has been halved in the last 30 years. Homicides have been halved.

Is there a tough time going on in Chicago right now? Sure there is – but fixing Chicago with a national tax on weapons would be like a town passing a tax hike on all medication because one person is making meth with Sudafed.

Read the bill and see what you think. If you find that it isn’t something you want your representative to support, then contact them immediately and let them know how you feel.

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  1. Dear USA

    After you take away guns from law-abiding citizens only outlaws will have guns!! Does anyone remember how Adolph Hitler took over Germany that is how he was able took over Germany!!

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