War Vet Makes Crook Eat His Gun

600x300-war-vet-pulls-gun-on-crookMARIONVILLE, MO – Coming back from a war is tough on many veterans. For Jon Alexander, 54, life hasn’t always been easy after his four tours in Iraq. After working as a prison guard and a private detective, Alexander took a job as a store clerk.

Then someone tried to rob him.

According to video surveillance, the Alexander manged to out-draw the would-be thief with his own handgun, sticking it in the criminal’s mouth. From there, the thief slowly backs out of the store and then flees rapidly. Watch the video here.

Why didn’t Alexander just shoot the would-be thief? “My life was never in danger,” Alexander said. “If I’d seen the barrel of his gun, then I would have pulled the trigger.”

Alexander’s employers think he took the right course of action. “I think it’s a great thing,” said Max Dawson, one the store’s owners.

Alexander says that one of the police officers that responded to the situation told him he was a pretty lucky guy. “I think he’s [the robber] a little luckier than I am,” Alexander responded.

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One comment

  1. The crook got lucky that Alexander was a trained vet that was able to keep everything under control. If it’d been anyone else behind the counter, the crook would be watching flowers grow from six feet under by now!

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