Unrealistic Fear of Guns Continues To Rampage On

600x300-bigstock-Antique-Gun-977050   During a pro-gun rally in Austin, Texas, you could find several people openly carrying rifles and other firearms over the course of the day. Three arrests were made because of disorderly conduct, which under Texas law is defined as an act that is meant to cause the alarm of someone else.

One of these men was a wheelchair bound man with physical disabilities!

What did these three men all have in common? They were carrying a powder weapon made before the year 1899.

What’s interesting about these arrests is that also under Texas law, any firearm that is made before the year 1899 isn’t actually classified as a firearm. That means it is not even subject to open carry laws, meaning that they can be displayed under any circumstance.

With all of the weapons on display during the rally in Austin, the arrest of these three men creates lots of questions… questions that police have so far been unwilling to answer.

Two of the men have been released on bond. The gentleman with physical disabilities chose to remain in jail to protest what he is calling a false arrest. Open Carry Texas is planning a protest over these arrests for some time in November.


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