Texas, You’re Doing It Right!

600x300-texas-map-bannerNew laws that were set to take effect in September were definitely pro 2nd Amendment and increased the ability of lawful gun owners to keep a defensive weapon wherever they may go.

From being able to carry a weapon with a Concealed Handgun License onto a campus to not being charged with unlawful carry because a weapon was accidentally flashed to someone in public, this set of laws will prove or disprove the nature of crime in relation to the general public being able to carry a weapon.

The most important law, however, is the one that doubles the amount of training time someone must take in order to receive a CHL from the state of Texas.

When people know how to properly use and take care of a firearm, there less of a chance of a tragic accident from happening. This law is designed to put as many educational opportunities in place before an accident can happen.

Will the statistics that come from Texas in the next 12 months lead the nation toward a more pro 2nd Amendment stance? Only time will tell.

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  1. Ibelive the state of texas has the right concept on the mater ,but we need to EDUCATE those in Washington on gun use . you may repost this and use my name.

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