Teachers with Guns? How About Teachers with Pepper Spray?

600x300-bigstock-Pretty-Red-haired-Woman-With-P-52104838   As the 2013 school year begins across the country over the next couple weeks, the events of Newtown, CT, weigh heavily on the minds of many parents. School security may be improved in many areas, but there are a number of ways that it is still lacking.

The fact that someone in Atlanta, GA, was able to enter a school with nearly 500 rounds of ammunition and a loaded weapon with the intent to do harm to someone is proof of that.

Should we be arming our teachers against someone with bad intentions toward our children? Some have suggested arming teachers with weapons. Others have offered a compromise: arm teachers with pepper spray.

The thought of a teacher being at the mercy of someone intent to kill is not a pleasant thought. Neither is the idea of having children being forced to learn in an environment where teachers must be armed to the teeth.

Pepper spray does make for a viable idea: kids won’t die from an accidental discharge or stepping into a teacher’s fire line and it does provide a defensive tool that would be effective in some dangerous situations.

Is it the perfect solution? Unless we’re willing to fully upgrade each school with full security measures that include airlocks and buffer zones, there might not be a perfect solution.

With pepper spray, at least we’d all be working together to take a step forward in order to solve the problem.


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One comment

  1. After Sandy Hook, I thought that teachers should be able to arm themselves.
    But, in the mean time, I’ve read enough stories about people who should know better, leave their firearm around for others to find, or, unfortunately, in the case of kids, accidentally kill themselves or others.
    I believe that if teachers want to carry, they need to be trained at least as well as officers.
    I like the idea of pepper spray for the reasons you wrote.

    More importantly, classrooms need to be able to be barricaded from the inside so that shooters can not break in, allowing teachers and kids to use the classrooms as refuge.

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