Pro-CCL Law Would Allow Nationwide Privileges

600x300-bigstock-Grunge-rubber-office-stamp-wit-28431215    WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) yesterday introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014, which would allow individuals with concealed carry privileges in their home state to exercise those rights in any other state that also has concealed carry laws.

Co-sponsored by a number of Republicans, the proposed legislation would allow individuals who have legally obtained a CCL in their own state to be able to exercise those privileges in other states without having to apply for additional permits or meet other additional qualification requirements.

“This bill strengthens two of our nation’s most fundamental rights, ensuring law-abiding gun owners can lawfully carry their weapons into like-minded states, while respecting the rights of states to adopt laws that are best-suited for the people of that state,” Cornyn said in a recent press release.

“This is an important affirmation of the 2nd. Amendment and one that has been a top priority of law-abiding gun owners in Texas for some time. It is time to get this done.”

In essence, this legislation would create a program that is similar to driver’s licenses. As long as another state has CCL privileges and a person exercising them isn’t violating the law, then nothing would prevent a legal holder of a CCL from carrying their gun from state to state.

Cornyn introduced a similar bill last year that fell just 3 votes shy of a filibuster effort.


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  1. we have needed this law for way to long its about time we got back some of our rights

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