Piers Morgan Is At It Again

600x300-bigstock-LOS-ANGELES--DEC---Piers-M-27408851   Maybe you’ve been keeping up with the story out of Iowa that many counties are allowing people that are sight impaired to own a firearm. Piers Morgan, who entered the gun control debate after the Newtown, CT, tragedy by calling on Americans to restrict guns as they are restricted over in England, has said that he does not support someone who is legally blind to have a 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms.

Morgan took that idea a step further on Twitter the other day as well, suggesting that the United States pass an amendment that gives Americans the right to not be shot by a gun.

Outside of the fact that guns don’t shoot without some sort of human intervention in 99.99% of the time, the idea is pointless simply because killing someone without cause is already against the law.

There’s nothing wrong with having a conversation about what the 2nd Amendment should mean in 2013. There is always room to find a way to compromise in some way so that rights aren’t restricted, but innocent people aren’t also put into needless danger as well.

Until the issue is taken seriously, people won’t take comments like Morgan’s here seriously either.

Of course that’s probably the point, especially if someone’s belief is that the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t be a right in the first place.


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