Outdoor Center Offers Gun 101 Class For Women

600x300-bigstock-Hand-Gun-And-Safety-Glasses-33283037    FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO – Beginning this weekend, a unique course that is intended to help women familiarize themselves with firearms is going to begin another session. The class teaches women how to properly handle a weapon, fire it, and get the foundation of knowledge needed to later obtain a CCL.

Everything for the class is provided by Family & Moral, Welfare & Recreation’s Outdoor Adventure Center. This includes the guns, the ammunition, and all of the necessary safety equipment. That means BYOG, or bringing your own gun, is not allowed.

Karryl Tolle, a recreation programmer for the center, says that everyone who signs up for the class ends up loving it. “The class is taught by one of the female Concealed Carry Weapons instructors,” said Tolle, “to make sure the women feel more comfortable with the material they are learning.”

The center provides this class about a dozen times per year. The cost for the class is $20 and includes lunch. It’s a 1 day class that takes 5 hours out of the day. Class size is limited to 20 women, allowing for a good overall learning environment.

What’s the best way to take the fear of a gun away? Learning how to properly use it and that’s what the FMWR center does.


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