NC Grocery Store Boycotted By Two Gun Control Activists

600x300-harris-teeter-logo   A Local television station in North Carolina led with the story of two women who decided that it was necessary to boycott their Harris Teeter grocery store. According to one of the women, they were shopping in the store the other day and saw someone carrying a firearm.

Now they won’t shop there until Harris Teeter puts up a sign that informs customers that guns are not allowed in the store.

According to local news reports, the woman felt threatened by the sight of the man with a gun in its holster. “I’m a little peeved that Harris Teeter can’t put up a sign that says no guns in the store,” said the woman. “I’m not kidding. I think it’s dangerous to shop there.”

“I just can’t imagine that they want people in their stores… It’s dangerous! Those people – I don’t know who’s trained and who isn’t.”

North Carolina’s concealed carry law was recently expanded to allow concealed carry on the premises of many businesses unless the owner expressly forbids it. Most major chains carry similar policies as Harris Teeter, which is to follow state laws where their stores are located.

Why even bring this up? Because it’s evidence of the attempted influence of media on all levels regarding the use of firearms. People are scared and don’t want bullets whizzing by their heads, which is understandable, but there also needs to be some common sense.


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One comment

  1. I really wish you posted a link to one of the original articles because I want to read more of their words.

    These sheeple aren’t scared, they’re stupid, ignorant, twits. They blindly believe the left-stream media. They never handled a firearm, and speak like they know anything.

    When say things like “I don’t want to be in a place where people are packing a lot of guns. I don’t want the possibility of bullets whizzing past my head”, you know they know nothing.

    People who want their god-given self-defense rights upheld need to be more vocal, more active than the gun grabbers and show their appreciation.

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