Mississippi Gun Safety Bill Goes Haywire!

600x300-bigstock-Mom-And-Daughter-Shooting-41208991    JACKSON MS – State Representative Omeira Scott introduced a bill this week that would require gun store owners to keep records of the personally identifying information of their customers and what was purchased.

“Every merchant, dealer or pawnbroker that sells pistol or rifle cartridges, shall keep a record of all sales of such cartridges sold, showing the description of the kind and caliber of cartridges so sold, the name, address and driver’s license or social security number of the purchaser, and the description of and the quantity of cartridges and date of sale.”

The bill, listed as HB231, would allow virtually anyone by request to inspect these records because they must be open to public inspection.

But this bill doesn’t stop there. It would also make it a crime to give or lend a gun to a minor, give or lend cartridges to a minor, or give or lend any other weapon that is against the law to conceal. There is also a provision about giving or lending these items to someone who is intoxicated. Conviction would bring a maximum of 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

If the best time to teach someone gun safety is when they are young, then why make even the borrowing of a firearm illegal? Under this law, a parent giving their child who is under 18 a gun to shoot in the backyard or even just to go hunting would be committing a crime.

Welcome to the world of gun safety in 2014.


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