McAulifee Inauguration Bans Guns From Attendance

600x300-bigstock-Security-check-bag-inspection--17918936    A memo has circulated around the halls of the Virginia legislature, telling lawmakers to leave their guns at home even if they have a valid CCL.

Calling it an only-one-time security arrangement, similar to the security arrangements of 2007 when the Queen of England visited Virginia, the weapon-free zone has been declared because the Clinton’s plan on attending.

To be fair, there’s a lot of other weapons that lawmakers were also told to keep at home:

  • biological weapons
  • chemical weapons
  • radiological or other hazardous materials
  • toys that look like weapons
  • all fireworks
  • pepper spray or mace
  • any multi-purpose tools
  • laser pointers
  • umbrellas
  • and soda cans

The Virginian-Pilot reported on the e-mail sent.

Curiously enough, shoes were left off this list, even after this attack to the President happened:

These are Secret Service protocols, not because McAulifee ran on an anti-gun platform.

Still – one has to wonder: beer bottles are ok, but not soda cans?


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