Kid With Toy Gun Causes Panic In Town!

600x300-bigstock-happy-kid-26665331FLORENCE COUNTY, SC – Two days of fear led police to discover that the person who had been terrorizing them was actually just a 10 year old kid with an Airsoft gun.

Initial reports that neighbors along Hobart Drive in this fairly rural county initially called in a report of someone strolling around their neighborhood with an assault rifle.

Police officials investigated the report but found no one. This was then followed up by a report that there was someone with an assault rifle lying in a field, watching the neighborhood.

That’s when the police found the kid and the Airsoft gun. Even though a few Airsoft guns are made to look like a real weapon, there’s one key difference: a bright orange tip on the barrel.

The child was counseled, but not arrested. Criminal charges aren’t expected in this case either.


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