Karate & Gun Education… The Perfect Self-Defense Mixture?

600x300-bigstock-young-woman-training-karate-on-34481069   BIDDEFORD, ME – A martial arts training center in this community has decided to add firearm education to their course offerings that also include karate.

Kosho Karate, which is owned by a former Air Force security specialist who was in charge of guarding nuclear weapons, says his goal is to help people open their eyes.

“The goal isn’t to make people paranoid,” said Bryan LaBrecque, the owner of Kosho Karate. “The goal is to make sure people know what is going on around them.”

Though LaBrecque’s primary classes are Karate and Kickboxing, he also offers a self-defense class for women every few weeks that averages an attendance of about two dozen people. The women encounter practice scenarios, are trained how to defend themselves with numerous objects that are quite common, and can take multiple levels of the class to increase their skills.

Despite these classes, LaBrecque says he’s not trying to convince women to go after their attackers. “Avoidance is always the best method of protection,” he said.


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