Kansas University: Bring Your Gun To School, But Don’t Speak About It?

600x300-kansas-university    There’s no doubt that the Kansas legislature are big proponents of 2A rights. With their move to remove the on-campus CCL restrictions, allowing students and faculty to carry concealed weapons into classes, Kansas University looks to be in a position where they must allow guns into buildings.

The only other option would be to install security screenings at the entrance of every building and that just doesn’t seem likely.

To counter having an increase in 2A rights, however, it seems that Kansas is going to restrict First Amendment rights. Now there is a standard for employees being fired because of content that they have posted onto social media sites, but the approach Kansas is taking is different.

They are taking a different approach with their policy of speech conduct, saying that social media is fundamentally different than other forms of communication.

In other words, professors, bring your gun to school… but don’t post anything about it. If you do, you could be fired.


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