“I Don’t Want My Wife and Kids To Be Sitting Ducks”

600x300-claire-baines-memorial-at-her-school    CENTENNIAL, CO – State Senator Ted Harvey, whose son attends the same Centennial school of Claire Danes, who was fatally shot on-campus by an 18 year old student, has introduced a bill that would allow teachers in Colorado to carry firearms. Harvey’s wife is also a schoolteacher and he introduced the bill because of her input: if teachers had been armed, they might have been able to respond to the shooter even more quickly than the armed staff who did.

“I don’t want my wife and kids to be sitting ducks,” Harvey told Fox News. “[The school shooting] validated why I think an armed person in the school is a good thing.”

James Pierson went armed into the school, looking for the debate coach. Though much has been made of his leftist leanings, the real issue is about life and death. Though in the 20 years since the incident at Columbine has improved response times [Columbine took 49 minutes], many of Colorado’s schools don’t have any armed individuals on campus.

Though some groups have used the Centennial tragedy to call for stricter gun control measures, Harvey says that is not the answer. “I don’t think schools are safe when they are gun-free zones and criminals are the only people who carry guns,” he said. “Then the others are sitting ducks and can’t defend themselves.”

Alan Gottlieb, an executive with the Second Amendment Foundation, says that it makes sense to put armed people into schools. “We have armed security protecting banks and other valuables,”he said. “Aren’t our kids more valuable?”

With Democrats controlling all aspects of Colorado’s legislature, however, the bill is likely to go nowhere. Harvey realizes that as well. “I introduced the bill as a statement,” he said.


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