GUN REVIEW: Winchester .264 Featherweight

600x300-winchester-70-featherweigh   Though the .264 is not the most popular type of weapon today, it is gaining another surge in popularity due to an increased desire to practice long range shooting.

It really is the right cartridge for hand loading or for those who have performance requirements for their weapon that must be met in a specific way. The featherweight does this at a weight of about 10 pounds, making it heavy enough to fire accurately, but light enough to not wear you out.

The trigger pull is virtually perfect. At right around three pounds, the entire process is virtually effortless. Under normal conditions, you’ll be able to average over 3,000 fps utilizing 140 grain power points.

Though more of a niche gun than anything, it is definitely one to own if you enjoy long distance shooting.

A good example of the .264, made around 1960, generally retails for around $3,000.


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