GUN REVIEW: Weatherby 28 Gauge SA-08 Shotgun

600x300-28-gauge-shotgunTo paraphrase Joe Biden, it is important to have a shotgun at home for defensive purposes.

With the Weatherby 28 Gauge, you get a semi-automatic shotgun that is perfect for defending a home, taking out to go hunting, or even just for a day of target practice. Light on the recoil but heavy in its ability to perform, this shotgun has a distinctive look that is impressive and desirable.

Price at $850, you’ll immediately notice the precision-cut checkering on this Weatherby shotgun because it gives its user a responsive feel that is quite positive in nature. Made with a walnut stock that has a high gloss finish, you can choose a 26” or 28” barrel for this weapon that comes in at just over 5 pounds.

Aesthetically appealing and extremely reliable, the Weatherby SA-08 is one of those shotguns you’ll love every time you use it. Don’t regret not taking a look at this beautiful piece of artistry in person!

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