GUN REVIEW: Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm

600x300-shinx-sod-compact-dual-tomeThe Sphinx pistol is made in Switzerland and the business has been making quality firearms since the late 1800’s.

In the past, Sphinx pistols have often been out of the price range for many people because each pistol had custom grips that were hand-fitted. With the Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm, you get all of the quality of a Sphinx weapon for about half of the traditional price.

This compact 9mm comes standard with two 15 round magazines, compared to the full-sized model that comes with 17 round magazines. With your purchase of the Sphinx compact 9mm, you also get three interchangeable grip models, a cleaning kit, and a hard plastic carrying case.

The high beavertail allows you to get your hand way up on the pistol, helping with recoil and ultimately your overall accuracy. What does shock some people is that the trigger weight is actually 10 pounds.

The quality and workmanship of the Sphinx pistol is evident from the first moment you see it. The internal slide rails make this weapon extremely reliable and it is perfect for the two-handed grip.

The full rail design helps keep your tolerances extremely tight, making this Sphinx SDP our preferred 9mm pistol. The accuracy is phenomenal.


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