Gun Control Threats Spur Gun Sales To Potential Records

600x300-bigstock-Mobile-finance-and-statistics--46835572    WASHINGTON, DC – With many states considering legislation that range from expanded background checks to registries, professors calling for the abolition of the Second Amendment, and the continued fight on the Federal level for more control over guns, the United States is on pace to sell the most guns in history. This is according to data from the NICS system.

In just the first six months of 2013, there were over 11 million background checks completed in relation to the sale of a firearm, a nearly 25% increase over the year before.

Talk of implementing laws that are similar to New York state’s restrictive gun laws on a national level seems to be what is spurring the record level of sales. Every time the idea of putting restrictions on which guns are allowed to be purchased and how many bullets a magazine can carry is brought up by the Obama Administration or national leaders, there is a coordinating spike is firearm sales.

With all of this talk about gun control happening, Lance Lochner and Enrico Moretti, both university professors, thought there had to be a different way to reduce crime beyond taking a firearm out of someone’s hands. They researched the correlation between education and violence and determined that just one year of schooling can reduce the risks of violent crime by 0.37%.

This was in 2002. Imagine what similar research might find today.

That may not seem like much, but earning a bachelor’s degree just one year at a time would relate to a 6% reduction in risk for that student. The longer a student stays enrolled in a classroom environment, the higher the reduction rate becomes.

Taking guns away from people might look like a good solution on paper, but generally the only people who would give up their guns would be law abiding citizens who have probably used their guns for hunting or target shooting only anyway. According to Lochner and Moretti, the best way to reform society is educate it.

What do you think? Would education really make a difference?


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