Gun Carrying Employee Stops Robbery – Company Fires Him!

600x300-bigstock-Grocery-Shopping-2440091NASHUA – Shannon Cothran, nicknamed “Bear,” arrived for work at the Shell convenience station with his trusty Ruger LCP 380. Holding a permit to legally carry the firearm, he went about his work duties over the weekend.

Then a robber entered his store late one evening, brandishing a knife. The bandit demanded that Cothran hand over the contents of the register.

So Cothran saw the knife and taught this would-be robber that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

The robber fled.

Today Cothran is out of a job, fired after 10 years by Nouria Energy, because he brought a firearm to work. Was it against a company policy to bring a firearm to the job? Maybe… but the fact that Cothran felt the need to bring a legally carried firearm to his job speaks for itself.

Cothran’s case is a perfect example of how the 2nd. Amendment can work without anyone getting hurt or even needing a shot to be fired. What Nouria Energy is doing with Cothran’s termination, however, is tantamount to an open invitation for all of their establishments to be robbed.

There is no word from Nouria Energy as to whether or not any policies or procedures will be reviewed after this incident.


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  1. reallllly dumb if you ask me .firing a dependable employee and one obviously loyal to the company .SERIOUSLY how do you expect to keep good workers if you fire them for protecting your intrests and money

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