Gun Carry Permits Set Record in Kansas

600x300-bigstock--mm-Pistol-with-bullets-54272222    WICHITA – With nearly 25,000 total gun carry permits last year, Kansas set a state record for the amount of permits issued in 2013. This number is 50% higher than the last record that was set, just in 2012, and if the political climate remains the same, 2014 could be a third straight record-breaking year.

“If we start seeing another big push out of Washington on gun control and registration, that would get the people going again.” said Patricia Stoneking, president of the Kansas Rifle Association, to the Kansas City Star.

According to Stoneking, much of the reason behind the record-setting year was because of the combination of Newtown and gun policies from the Obama Administration. “People felt like that was kind of a deal breaker,” she said. “They felt they needed to defend themselves.”

Because of her advocation for gun ownership, Stoneking says she’s been getting many death threats and hate mail. “It’s interesting that the people who say we don’t need guns are the ones who sent me death threats,” she said.

Less than 100 total permits were suspended in 2013 as well and even 13 of those who were suspended in 2013 were reinstated. With over 75,000 total permits active, there is proof that those with permits are acting responsibly. Things might be calm now, but the precedent has been set. People want to defend themselves… and are doing so effectively.


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  1. way to do KANSAS,hurray for Dorothy and toto.

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