Great News! Colorado Recalls In California? It Could Happen!

600x300-Brown,_Feinstein,_Newsome-wikipediaSACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown might be off the hook for a Colorado-style recall, according to many political analysts…

… but not the vast majority of state senators and representatives that voted for gun control bills that are often described as “draconian.”

Brown signed into law a lead ammo restriction, but vetoed the other gun laws on his desk.

Samuel Paredes, who is the Executive Director of Gun Owners of California [GOC], says that their targeted politicians aren’t going to be happy at all with their efforts.

“They are going to squeal like stuck pigs,” he said. “They’re going to say that [a recall effort] is no way to run a government.”

Gun rights activists would say that restricting 2nd. Amendment rights isn’t a way to run the government either. Now, thanks to the recall efforts that happened in Colorado, Gov. Brown signing gun control legislation into law doesn’t have to be the end of the story now either.

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