Good Samaritan Purchases Gun For Girl

600x300-bigstock-Pink-automatic-rifle-isolated--21498710    Kallie Wright was out doing some early Christmas shopping with her parents. She happened to be playing with one of her favorite things in the store, a pink .22 caliber rifle, when a stranger walked up to her and gave her the money to purchase it.

Kallie, who is a second grader, showed the money to her dad, who didn’t believe her story. “”He thought it was the play money that I had and it wasn’t and he just freaked out,” she said.

Her dad went through the store with his daughter until they could find the Good Samaritan who had given Kallie the money. They tried to give the money back to the stranger, but the stranger insisted that Kallie be able to purchase the gun.

There was only one request: that Kallie’s dad teach her how to use the gun responsibly. What was supposed to be a layaway present has now become an early Christmas gift, thanks to the charity of a stranger, and Kallie couldn’t be happier with her new pink .22.


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  1. i’,m in total agreement for the little girl owning a gun someday, i have a right to carry permit my self, BUT I’m not to sure if that was a responsible thing for that stranger to do.

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