Families Ask For Justice For Men Killed After Robbery

600x300-Corner_Shop-wikipedia   Followup from November 19th Story:

READING, PA – They were masked and armed. They entered Krick’s Korner and robbed the convenience store of cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Someone who lives above the store allegedly shot and killed the two men as they were exiting the store. Now the families of these two men want justice.

“It’s not fair,” said Virginia Medina, the mother of one of the men. “[My son] had no right to lose his life over something that man could have called the police for,” said Medina. “He took the law into his own hands and walked away scot-free.”

The families say that they are hurt by comments that people are making, calling the two men “thugs.” Both families, in fact, paint pictures of the two men as loving fathers, sons, and brothers.

Pennsylvania initially passed a SYG law that was similar to Florida’s laws, but they have since been amended as of 2011 to provide specificity for outside situations. The law provides that in such locations no one cannot use deadly force unless they have a reasonable belief of imminent death or injury and cannot retreat in safety or the attacker displays or uses a lethal weapon.

No charges have been pressed against the alleged shooter as of this time.


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  1. Saying that guns kill people ,is like saying that forks make you fat. Those family ones are only sayin that to get money and fifteen minutes of fame. Put them into the box and move on. Were they black by any chance?

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