Do You Shoot with Both Eyes Open?

600x300-bigstock-A-Young-Girl-With-A-Gun-For-Tr-38131018   When you’ve been out at the gun range, how many times have you seen someone practice their shooting by squinting one eye closed on the theory that they’re getting a better focus?

Some people squint down to one eye when sighting because it seems like the natural thing to do. The problem with doing this, however, is that you’re effectively eliminating over half of the visual input your brain needs to have an accurate measure.

With one eye, a person’s depth perception is dramatically reduced. There are also reductions in a person’s balance and orientation to the world around them. It actually takes longer for the brain to process all of the visual information around them with just one eye on the sight! That’s why shooting with both eyes open gives you plenty of benefits.

From improved hand/eye coordination to the ability to have a faster response to changes in the environment around, a shooter using both eyes to shoot can increase the chances of hitting a target. This is especially true in low-light situations! If you’re a one-eyed shooter, try shooting with two eyes the next time you go out… chances are you might be surprised at the results!


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  1. As a newbie, I trained myself to shoot with both eyes open, but I need more information now.

    Everything I read says that I should be looking and aiming with the front site, but I find it so much easier and intuitive to look at the target and bring the front site into view. I have no problems getting a sight picture. As I have to wear reading glasses, the front site is blurry anyway.

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