Democrats Continue to Utilize Death To Promote Politics

600x300-chuckshumer    WASHINGTON, DC – “We are going to finish the job and pass background checks and then move on and do other things we have to do to get guns off the streets and stop gun violence.” These words, said by Senator Charles Schumer [D-NY] earlier this week, are yet another salvo in the war that some Democrats see is necessary to make society safer.

Schumer compared the outcry against recent violence to the conditions that occurred in the early 90’s when the government was able to pass an assault rifle ban. To that extent, he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pressed GOP House members to pass a bill allowing for extended background checks.

“I believe if the bill were taken up in the House that it would pass,” said Pelosi.

With just 12 days left in the legislative session and a GOP reluctance to bring anything to the floor that could be seen as a restriction of 2A rights, the comments by Schumer and Pelosi are simply political posturing at best. Politics using death and grief as their core influences instead of facts.

Representative Mike Thompson [D-CA] said that if Pelosi were still the Speaker, the background check provisions would have already been signed. He believes that background checks aren’t in any way connected to the 2A. “”The Second Amendment does not give criminals, the dangerously mentally ill, domestic abusers the right to own and buy and use a firearm,” he said.

“Nobody’s political career is more important than protecting the American people,” said Pelosi. “Who among us is of such value that we would not say, ‘I’ll take a risk so that our kids don’t have to take a risk.'”

Though it is true that recent polls show up to 90% of Americans support universal background checks, the NRA, which once called for universal background checks more than a decade ago, has reversed their position, especially in light of the UN ATT. The concern is that a combination of universal background checks with the power of the ATT could create an international registry of gun owners that could then be utilize to target gun rights supporters.

Until facts instead of emotions are used in this debate, the GOP are correct in not allowing legislation to proceed. Laws should be based on the greater good for now and the future… not as an attempt to temporarily alleviate the grief people feel.


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