Gun Review: Benelli M2 Tactical


Introduced initially in 2004, the Benelli M2 Tactical shotgun actually comes with several variations, though all of them are driven by inertia. Open rifle sights are a standard component of these shotguns that come with an 18.5 inch barrel and ...

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Gun Review: Springfield XD-S 9mm


Scaled to be the perfect defense pistol, if you love a striker pistol, you’ll love the XD-S. Springfield has a strong reputation within the arena of gunsmithing and their new XD-S 9mm is a prime example of why. It’s small, ...

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Gun Review: Tavor TAR-21

600x300 Tavor-latrun-wikipedia

Why is this weapon one of the most popular in the world? Because it’s light, gas powered, and is one of the best defensive weapons there is. The military model comes in several different variations, including a marksman variation, a ...

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Gun Review: Ruger Single 9


What’s not to love about the classic revolver? With the Ruger Single 9, you get the classic Ruger designs with nine shot capabilities instead of six. Unlike other single 9’s, this model isn’t convertible to the traditional six shot, so ...

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Gun Review: Magnum CZ-550


It could be said that everyone could use a quality bolt rifle. Reliable, easy to fire, and filled with quality, the American Safari Magnum CZ550 has been perfectly tailored to fit the bill. No matter what your rifle preference happens ...

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