REVIEW: DW Battlesight


Could you accurately hit a target with a pistol at 125 yards? That’s the claim of the DW Battlesight, which proudly shows you huge accuracy at 75 yards with a 1911 right on their home page. Could an average joe ...

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Gun Review – A Compact Revolver From Charter Arms


If you love the idea of a truly American revolver, then you’ll enjoy what a Charter Arms firearm could do for your collection. Made in the USA for the last five decades, each one of their more than 70 firearm ...

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Gun Review: Mossberg 500 ZMB


The zombie apocalyspe hasn’t happened yet, which means you’ve still got time to pick up a Mossberg 500 ZMB. It may not have the style and class that other similar shotguns may have, but it does have a ton of ...

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Gun Review: The AR-7 Survival Rifle


The terminology “survival rifle” is enough to send shivers down the spines of some people certainly, but that’s exactly what the AR-7 is. Initially designed in 1959 to assist Air Force pilots so that they could be armed with an ...

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Gun Review: Bersa Thunder .380


When it comes to affordable, imported handguns, many of them just don’t have the quality you’re looking to find. They can jam, misfire, or even fire inaccurately because of manufacturing issues. You won’t find any such problem with the Bersa ...

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