Gun Ownership Does Not Increase Murder Rates – By Harvard University


   According to a recent study by Harvard University, more weapons owned in a society brings about a lower overall murder rate within that society. One of the most astounding observations in this study is the fact that in the ...

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Teachers with Guns? How About Teachers with Pepper Spray?


   As the 2013 school year begins across the country over the next couple weeks, the events of Newtown, CT, weigh heavily on the minds of many parents. School security may be improved in many areas, but there are a ...

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Do You Shoot with Both Eyes Open?


   When you’ve been out at the gun range, how many times have you seen someone practice their shooting by squinting one eye closed on the theory that they’re getting a better focus? Some people squint down to one eye ...

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Texas, You’re Doing It Right!


New laws that were set to take effect in September were definitely pro 2nd Amendment and increased the ability of lawful gun owners to keep a defensive weapon wherever they may go. From being able to carry a weapon with ...

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Could a .22 Be a Good Home Defense Weapon?


Everyone deserves some type of home defense. For some people, that means a burly assault-style rifle. For others, it might mean a .38 Special. For people who have a difficult time handling a weapon, the .22 is a perfect weapon ...

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