Misleading Michigan Statistics Favor Gun Control


   According to recent statistics released by the State of Michigan, deaths from firearms eclipsed deaths from automobile accidents for the first time in 2010. 942 people died in automobile accidents in Michigan in that year, while 1,039 people died ...

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Do You Struggle With Recoil? Try This!


   One of the biggest contributors to a lack of accuracy because of a weapon’s recoil is a lack of overall hand strength. Many people might be strong and have a good grip, but a firm handshake is a much ...

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A 2nd. Amendment Slippery Slope?


   On August 29th, President Obama signed two executive orders in relation to guns and how they can be used by corporations. The first order limits the re-importation of military issued weapons, while the second affects the corporate registration of ...

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Could You Be Fingerprinted To Own a Gun?


   Two states are contemplating legislation that would control weapons in a multi-faceted way. From semi-automatic weapons being banned to no longer allowing high capacity magazines to be sold to extended background checks. The Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] has ...

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Do Gun Free Zones Spark a Helpful Conversation?


   In Seattle, a few dozen businesses are embracing a campaign initiated by city leaders to institute a gun-free zone for their business. This program works by having business owners post at the entrance of their business that people with ...

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