Piers Morgan Is At It Again


   Maybe you’ve been keeping up with the story out of Iowa that many counties are allowing people that are sight impaired to own a firearm. Piers Morgan, who entered the gun control debate after the Newtown, CT, tragedy by ...

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Unrealistic Fear of Guns Continues To Rampage On


   During a pro-gun rally in Austin, Texas, you could find several people openly carrying rifles and other firearms over the course of the day. Three arrests were made because of disorderly conduct, which under Texas law is defined as ...

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Are We Choosing To Become Victims?


   There are a lot of components to a capitalistic society that are major advantages. There aren’t limits on someone’s potential. There are freedoms, such as the right to bear arms, that allow people to live their own lives and ...

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SilencerCo Fights For Your Right To Own Silencers


   SilencerCo has been battling for some time for the ability of firearms owners to more openly utilize suppressors. In some areas, they’ve even been able to help reverse laws that have forbidden the use of suppressors. They have also ...

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Karate & Gun Education… The Perfect Self-Defense Mixture?


   BIDDEFORD, ME – A martial arts training center in this community has decided to add firearm education to their course offerings that also include karate. Kosho Karate, which is owned by a former Air Force security specialist who was ...

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