Boy Scout Helps Build Gun Range For Youth Training

600x300-bigstock-Target-rows-at-a-shooting-rang-45353353SANTA ROSA, TX – Kids are curious about firearms. The thought of being a cowboy, being able to quickly draw his gun and protecting his family, has been the dream of millions of little boys over the past few decades. A vast majority of these kids grow up and forget about their cowboy dreams, but not all of them.

For those kids that want to pursue what it’s like to really know how to properly shoot a firearm, one Boy Scout who is pursuing becoming an Eagle Scout has come up with a solution: build a gun range near his home.

““There wasn’t really an area in this part Valley to practice shotgun sports, you had to go to Brownsville or the upper valley to practice,” said Hunter Rieley.

Built on a piece of land that was donated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Refuge, more than 20 volunteers helped to make Rieley’s dream a reality this past weekend.

Open to non-profit groups, Rieley hopes this will be one small step to help further the education that his young peers need in gun safety and gun responsibility.

Rieley hopes the new gun range will attract troops from around the area. “We are hoping to teach younger kids gun responsibility and how to safely handle guns,” he said.


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