Monthly Archives: November 2013

Piers Morgan Is At It Again


   Maybe you’ve been keeping up with the story out of Iowa that many counties are allowing people that are sight impaired to own a firearm. Piers Morgan, who entered the gun control debate after the Newtown, CT, tragedy by ...

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   Made by Kahr Arms, the Kahr CM 40 is a distant cousin of the Thompson submachine gun. Why is this important to know? Because both are made with an equal amount of love and care. The CM 40 is ...

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GUN REVIEW: Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm


The Sphinx pistol is made in Switzerland and the business has been making quality firearms since the late 1800’s. In the past, Sphinx pistols have often been out of the price range for many people because each pistol had custom ...

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GUN REVIEW: Winchester .264 Featherweight


   Though the .264 is not the most popular type of weapon today, it is gaining another surge in popularity due to an increased desire to practice long range shooting. It really is the right cartridge for hand loading or ...

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Unrealistic Fear of Guns Continues To Rampage On


   During a pro-gun rally in Austin, Texas, you could find several people openly carrying rifles and other firearms over the course of the day. Three arrests were made because of disorderly conduct, which under Texas law is defined as ...

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