Monthly Archives: August 2013

Connecticut Practically Calling All Crooks To Move In


Attention all criminals! If you’re for a state where it will be easy pickings, Connecticut is where you want to be. Lawmakers there decided that the states assault weapon ban was not strict enough so all semi-automatic weapons with one ...

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Joke – Shooting Cans


A redneck walks into a gunshop, and asks for the largest gun in stock. Store owner shows off a 1911 .45ACP. Redneck: You got something bigger? Store owner shows off a .357Mag. Redneck: You got something bigger? Store owner shows ...

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Gun Review: The AR-7 Survival Rifle


The terminology “survival rifle” is enough to send shivers down the spines of some people certainly, but that’s exactly what the AR-7 is. Initially designed in 1959 to assist Air Force pilots so that they could be armed with an ...

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Video – The AR-7 Survival Rifle Shooting


Just a quick look at a couple of our 22 caliber rifles and a little target practice. I was squeezing the shots off a little too quickly to be real accurate, but you’ll at least get an idea of how ...

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Video – The AR-7 Survival Rifle Overview


A review of the awesome “Henry U.S. Survival Rifle” or “AR-7″. Please stay tuned until the end of the vid where we will transition from a tabletop review to the gun range. The “Henry Survival Rifle” or “AR-7″ will be ...

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